Scholarships are awarded on the basis of merit, including academic performance, demonstration of leadership potential, community engagement and proactivity. The intention is that these scholarships will assist recipients in getting the most out of their overseas study experiences, and thus help them discover the full potential of the opportunities offered to them in their future endeavours.

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Ms. Valerie Hoogstad is an experienced and highly respected leader in Australia’s international education community.  Previously, Ms. Hoogstad served as Director for International Education at Australia Catholic University in New South Wales. Beyond her directorship, Ms. Hoogstad has lectured at the university level on the topics of communication studies and international education. She currently works at the University of Sydney and serves on the Board of The Global Society Foundation, Centre for Volunteering NSW (Chair) and Odyssey House.
Valerie Hoogstad Scholar Award

The recipient of the Valerie Hoogstad Scholar recognition is determined to be student who has demonstrated previous commitment to the betterment of community and has sincerely defined future ambition to integrate their global mobility experience to their community or industry involvement. The Valerie Hoogstad Scholar designation is awarded to one student applicant in each competition round offered by The Global Society. The designation is determined in consideration with Ms. Valerie Hoogstad, a notable member of the international education industry in Australia.
"I decided to study overseas in South Africa and Indonesia to gain practical experience in the community sector and test myself in real-life situations. My time abroad challenged me in so many different ways and I had many beautiful and touching moments that have continued to be beneficial as I've returned home and begun to apply my new knowledge and practical skills."
Jordan Brown, Global Society Foundation Scholar